A downloadable game for Windows

Hey, we made a game! :D

Bullet Seconds is small project created during TK Game Jam (Round of aplaus for Adam, everyone!)

Your task is to complete training in this super secret military facility. Use gravity gun, and reality bending suit to defeat turrets in your way!


- WSAD/Left Thumbstick - movement

- Mouse/Right Thumbstick - aiming

- Space/A Jumping

- Left Shift / Left Shoulder - enable slow motion

(While Gravity Gun equiped)

- Left Mouse Button / Right Trigger - catch / release object ( you can catch blue objects, and bullets)

- Right Mouse Button / Left Trigger - push catched object

- Ctrl / right soulder + Right Trigger - rotating catched object

Voiceoves are in Polish, and we have no real option to do it again in english, but if someone wants to know what is those gibberish thing that guy is saying find him at @daltonwastaken :)

P.S. During first VO you cannot move

P.S.2 If you die, you simply play the game from begenning, including this 24 second VO, so be carefull ;)


BulletSeconds.zip 154 MB